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The BestWorld Project Purpose & Goals

It’s well known that journalism and social media are facing a fact drought, making it increasingly difficult to know what information you can trust. That’s why BestWorld is working to reimagine both traditional and social media-based news.

You can become a part of this groundbreaking project as one of the first BestWorld citizen journalists reporting what’s now and, more importantly, what comes next.

No matter where or when big news breaks, you’ll be armed with a bleeding-edge artificial intelligence (AI) platform that will find people on the scene. BestWorld’s system provides you with their accounts and even translates them for you if you don’t speak the local language. But that’s not all you’ll do.

You’ll collaborate with our community of seasoned news forecasters and our AI forecasting system to analyze and predict how your breaking news story might unfold over the coming days, weeks, even years. This isn’t something far off in a distant future. That future is now.

The BestWorld team is already experimenting with this concept on a small and partial scale at INFER. Join us there to get a glimpse of what’s next to come–and a chance to win prize money.

We also are about to launch a test of this system. Details here.


BestWorld’s Mission

The internet has been a powerful tool for the dissemination and democratization of knowledge. But opening the door to the free spread of vital information opens the door to misinformation. BestWorld empowers people to find, process, and share trustworthy, fact-based information. As part of this, we give you access to advanced AI, our team of highly accurate forecasters, and more.

Armed with these tools, you’ll become a bonafide citizen journalist, able to not only report on world events but also predict what comes next–often with great accuracy. The result: a fact-based source of news and information for what pessimists are calling the post-fact era. 

We invite you to learn about BestWorld, our team, and why we believe in what we’re doing.


BestWorld Combines High  Quality Human Forecasters and AI
to Revolutionize the Post-Digital Age

BestWorld Combines some of the world’s top forecasters, AI, and, if you choose, you! to revolutionize the post-digital age.

You’ve probably met people who usually can tell the future with surprising accuracy. Perhaps you are one of these – or soon will be. Successful forecasters consider a situation, examine the factors that led up to it…often sleep on it…and then say how they think the situation will turn out. We aren’t always successful. Sometimes even the most famed forecasters miss. However, usually, we’re pretty close. And many times, we’re right on the money. Our team combines the foresight of some of the best forecasters in the world, with the world’s most accurate AI technology. Our team also includes researchers positioned at the intersection of computer science, sociology, and the media gives us the edge to make it all happen..

Our Mission

To offer individuals the best tools to discover and learn with an understanding of how to validate knowledge while fostering humility of perception and fidelity of information

Our Vision

To empower individuals to better assess the quality of information sources and thus enable better decision-making

Our Core Values

Sympathetic responsiveness

If you think trustworthy information is important, no matter the source, we encourage you to take a deep dive into everything BestWorld seeks to accomplish. Our goal is aspirational but simple: to transform how you interact with the internet, whether it’s news, social media, or science.



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What’s Happening Right Now

Victory lap: Jeremy Lichtman’s Georgia forecasts, latest news

May 14, 2024, we published Jeremy Lichtman’s “Georgia Protests Could Escalate.” All his specific forecasts have been correct.  The “foreign agent” law passed, Georgia’s president vetoed it, parliament overrode it,[…]

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Today the African Union Announced Plans to Mediate in Sudan’s Civil War

  Today the African Union announced that it plans mediation soon between Sudan’s army and the Rapid Support Forces. Explainer on these warring parties here. The bad news: The UN reports[…]

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Georgia Protests Could Escalate

Photo courtesy Ambebi. By Jeremy Lichtman The Georgian parliament has passed its third reading of a controversial foreign agents bill. The bill will likely be vetoed by the pro-EU president[…]

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Why the Sahel Actually Matters (Possibly To You, Too)

By Jeremy Lichtman — 2 min read We’ve published several stories lately on recent events across several countries in the Sahel region. Speaking with a colleague this week, he noted[…]

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BestWorld website announcement

Today, a Russian diplomat is negotiating gold mining with the Sudanese Minister of Minerals

Mikhail Bogdanov, the Special Representative of the Russian President for the Middle East and Africa and Deputy Foreign Minister, and the Sudanese Minister of Minerals, Muhammad Bashir Abu Nomo, are[…]

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BestWorld website announcement

BestWorld Unveils New Web Portal

Internet startup BestWorld rolled out a new, robust web portal May 2. The new site features in depth information about the BestWorld organization as well as projects and groundbreaking research.[…]

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The Science & Data Behind BestWorld

Everything we do and everything we want to do is backed by mountains of leading research and data. The scientists, engineers, and thinkers leading the BestWorld team stay abreast of the latest developments in social and organizational psychology, computer science and AI, and industry and geopolitics. 

We want to make sure you do, too.


Study. Donate. Volunteer. Join the BestWorld Project.

BestWorld is driven by your support – whether you’re voluneering your unique expertise or donating to support our ongoing operations. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas, an extra set of hands, or just a few bucks to help keep the lights on. Visit our Donations & Volunteering page to get involved.

Who We Are

The BestWorld Team

BestWorld was formed at the nexus of some of the most advanced thinkers in the world and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. Our team includes highly accurate forecasters, technology innovators, sociologists, and communications experts. 

Our goal is to change the way information works in the post-digital age. Here’s a who’s who of the team that will make that happen.



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