President & CEO

Carolyn Meinel

Carolyn was a founder and president of the nonprofit L-5 Society (now NSS). More recently she was a board member and chief technology officer for th nonprofit Institute for Strategic and Innovative Technologies.

She has written many books, magazine articles, and research papers. She performed the initial technology forecast for BestWorld’s Miles Palmer at 8 Rivers Capital on zero emissions electrical power generation technologies, which led to the NetPower system. This has been hailed as Black Swan technology that promises to play a role in fighting global warming via its 100% CO2 capture system. Her most recent research paper appeared in the International Journal of Forecasting. See also her activities as a professional forecaster of geopolitical events at INFER, a project of RAND.: Third highest ranked forecaster, 2023 at INFER
Sixth highest ranked forecaster, 2022 at INFER Visit Carolyn’s website or find her on Mastodon, X, and LinkedIn.

Carolyn Meinel - President BestWorld