Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy Lichtman

Jeremy is a solution architect and former hands-on software developer. Born in England, Jeremy lived in southern Africa for several years as a child. Since 1989, he has resided in Toronto, Canada. He participated in the final two seasons of the Good Judgment Project, after reading about Philip Tetlock in the news. Fascinated by the functioning of crowdsourced forecasting in general, he can now be found contributing to the security of the US and allies by forecasting on INFER.

Jeremy’s hobbies include obsessively reading the news (focus on markets and macro), historical research (with an emphasis on genealogy), , collecting minerals, watching baseball, and writing science fiction. In addition to his book, Eponymous Plot Device, Jeremy’s stories have appeared in Flash Fiction Online, and have been featured in several anthologies, including Visions of the Future from the Lifeboat Foundation. He was a round-of-ten finalist for the Amazing Stories inaugural Gernsback Contest. 
Visit Jeremy’s personal homepage or find him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Jeremy Lichtman - Chief Technology Officer BestWorld